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Water Pumps for Africa

There are many different types of pump available for use in water supplies.

In summary, pumps are either:

  • Submersible Pumps Push water from a borehole, well or tanked supply and for drainage and waste water.
  • Surface Pumps Draw water from a shallow source or tank and are often used for pressure boosting


Submersible Pumps

Borehole pumps

The type of pump depends on the depth of the water, flow rate and pressure required. Differences in these variables will affect the model and the size. We can specify a suitable pump based on your requirements.

SCL Water specialises in the supply of 3 ", 4", 6" and larger pumps powered by single or 3-phase electricity. The Grundfos 3" SQ/SQE  range is a good example of a flexible, high quality solution for domestic or light commercial use.

Well pumps

A large number of older properties have wells constructed many years ago. Some wells are being rediscovered as houses are extended and a small submersible pump can be used to lift the water for use in the garden or even, after treatment, as the property supply. The DAB Divertron is an excellent example of a well pump as is the Grundfos SPO.             


Drainage pumps

These pumps tend to be submersible and specifically allow for the passage of some solids. The degree of contaminant that can be pumped varies with the pump type but good examples can be found by clicking on the following link. DAB Drainage pumps

Constant pressure systems

The Grundfos SQE constant pressure systems are based on technology which senses water pressure and flow and adjusts the pump speed to maintain a constant supply at a pre-set pressure. The constant pressure system consists of a SQE variable speed pump, CU301 control unit, pressure sensor and pressure tank.

A good example of the benefit of these systems is with domestic showers. When installed for a domestic property these systems ensure shower flow and pressure is unaffected by a tap being opened somewhere else in the house.    

Surface Pumps

Booster systems

These surface mounted systems are designed to increase flow and pressure to preset levels without the need for large expansion vessels. Systems are typically installed where high pressure is required such as water supply for agricultural irrigation or for boosting mains water pressure from a storage tank.

Please do not hesitate to telephone us as we are happy to discuss your requirements with you. 

Pump Installation

Based on individual requirements the position of the electrical control box will be determined as will the location of the tap, pipe reticulation and valve connections.

Options can be added to the basic borehole installation and these include additional pipe trenched in, pressure tanks, level control switches, holding tanks and booster pumps. These additions are carefully discussed in a personal encounter.

Pump installation diagram

Installation is normally completed on the day after drilling by competent and experienced installation technicians.

Submersible Pumps

Brisan Turbo Pumps

We supply and install the Brisan Turbo range of pumps and motors as well as Franklin motors.

Water Storage Tanks

As an additon to our turnkey borehole installations, we specialize in holding tank and water storage tank installations.

Holding tanks are recommended when at times water volume requirement exceeds the capacity of the borehole. The accumulated water then copes with peak demand.

Booster Pump Installations

Tank filling is controlled by a totally automatic switching system, while flow delivery is via a booster pump which starts automatically when a tap or valve is opened. The advantage in allowing Hardrock Drilling to install your tank system is that it is integrated with the borehole installation. The one system is completely compatible with the other and the guarantee will cover the total installation.

Water Storage Tanks

Fully automated systems with poly storage tanks, centrifugal pump and pressure tank.

Tanks are situated on a concrete block base or a brick built base.

We are specialist installers of borehole pumps

As part of our service we size, supply and fit a huge variety of borehole pumps for our customers. We prefer installing DAB Water Pumps, who are part of the Grundfos Group, we’ve found them to be high quality and are competitively priced.

DAB Water Borehole Pumps

These range from standard 4” submersible borehole pumps, 6” submersible borehole pumps and well pumps to high powered circulation pumps and pressure sets.

Borehole pumps for residential and commercial use

As well as these we regularly design and install storage and pumping systems to handle any number of applications. These range from 1,000L to 20,000L water tanks designed to store drinking water, simple single pump booster systems to supply water to a single property up to huge 3 pump booster systems capable of supplying high pressure water to commercial premises such as schools and hotels.

These are just some of the items we can specify, supply and fit, please contact us with your individual requirement.
Submersible Pumps
Booster sets
Water storage tanks
Pressure vessels
Pressure & float switches

Bespoke pumping systems

Borehole water filtration and treatment systems

Most of our water boreholes have a full chemical water analysis to establish water content and any contamination issues. From this information, we can supply and fit water treatment systems to ensure compliance with the drinking water regulations. These are just some of the items we can supply, please contact us for further information.
UV Sterilisers
Particle filters
Iron and Manganese reduction units
Water softening